5 Mils of Protection; Automobile Clear Coat

Acid Rain, Alkaline Rain and the opportunities in on-site detailing and car care are vast. Acid Rain can severely damage cars and SUVs. There are many environmental attacks on your car, some man made others not. Water spots from sprinklers are horrible in many areas the minerals hurt car clear coats. Acid rain is caused by Sulfur Dioxides or Nitrogen Oxides, which combine with smog and water or precipitation to cause sulfuric and nitric acids. These on the surface of the car can be visible in white rings around dulled areas of the paint. Sometimes very small and I’ve seen as big as a quarter. Alkaline spots happen when minerals and chemicals react while on the surface of your car. Ouch !!! When the water dries you will see gloss of the clear coat dulls in spots and appear like deposits of salt or white film. What can you do about this. We recommend Clay Magic Fall-out Remover from AutoMagic.


We were able to meet with AutoMagic Team and they gave us samples of the latest clay magic, 15 sets at a retail cost of $75.00 each to test. Great company and in Las Vegas they did well at the APEX and SEMA shows this year. To buy it online go to:


When these types of contaminants settle on the surface of a car it can be catastrophic to your paint job if not taken car of thus giving opportunities to our team. The pigment of the paint, which is attacked change the color in the paint by way of chemical reaction, first eating through the clear coat and then into the other coats, of which there are many different types. As you may remember from school colors are made by mixing other colors. So you can get some weird dynamics turning white paint to pure white or gray or even black. Other eventualities include displaced clear coats causing bumps, etched cracks, yellowing, peeling, and even white blotching or milky look on the top surface. Many of the newest clear coats are much more resistant to these contaminants, but if you look at a GM vehicle of 1980’s to 1990’s you are pretty much SOL almost immediately. Newest Clear Coat Technology makes our job really easy as auto detailers and Clay Magic literally is magic in that case.

Other horrible things for cars include; Iron Oxides spots, which can also be fixed if they have not gone to far and gotten under the paint. White wall cleaner for 8 seconds and rinse and then clay magic and then polymer solvent wax and then Carnauba filler fixes that. Cement Spots are bad and hard to fix without scratching and etching the surface worse. Try to dissolve the cement in liquid solvents while keeping water on it and use a kerosene solution or Dry Wash-N-Guard and then simultaneously a netted wax pad with clay magic and it’s lubricant from Auto Magic. Oxidation the most common problem is the easiest see other topics on this subject here. Jet Fuel from Airport parking on approach ends of runways and diesel fuel or contaminants from Diesel generators or ships are also typical problems and Clay Magic works well on them. As you may have seen new cars with white Styrofoam type covering on fenders being delivered to dealerships, this is to prevent salt spray which can cause damage and increase rust and from the ships, rail cars and trucks that deliver them from dripping rusty water on them causing marks. If this gets on the car it can even melt through the cosmalyene, which cars use to be sprayed with before when in the delivery sequence of their journey to the dealership. Bee Pollen, Mayfly, Bird droppings, bat droppings, ash spots and tree sap are all very damaging but if you take them off quick they are easily taken care of with the Auto Magic Clay Magic Product.

It is important when dealing with automotive clear coast to your facts, permanent damag

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